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STORY…what is it good for? Absolutely nothing if you don’t know who your audience is or where their attention lies. We will help you identify specific ‘nudge points‘ that will connect your development with your customers , thus achieving the attention, exposure, penetration and success your project needs.

what’s in a name?

“Nudge Theory” is an understanding of how people think, make decisions, and behave.

So NUDGEPOINT is about finding the ‘nudge points’ that will influence people’s behaviour in respect of the choices that they make. At NUDGEPOINT we help our clients identify the strategic and creative assets that they need to deploy in the right channel, in the right way so that their stories will build brands, engage customers and launch or take them to the next level.

Brand Consultancy

Before a brand can exist you need a clear vision and one that your whole team buy in to and understand. This is called your ‘business culture’. We test it and develop it in to a suite of ‘nudgepoints’ that will deliver this to your audience as experiences of your brand.


It’s what you say, how you say it, how what you say looks and only then if all is considered can you attract the right attention. A clear vision creates a strong identity that informs all the content that will ever need creating. What a great place to start from.



From a logo to a colour scheme, a graphic style to a font type, great design should be something  you can touch, appreciate and engage with. It brings to an audience what started with the vision as it wraps itself around and throughout all that follows.

Print Design

Often the first thing customers see is a brochure. The story within must engage, inform, inspire and move to action.

We manage every stage of the creative process from concept to print, with professional photography, original illustration, copywriting and perfectly designed layouts.

CGI, Animation

There are many ways you can cook CGI images and 2D/3D animation. Opinion can be subjective and for clients budgeting for essential renders is key. So we set the standard at the outset and work in partnership with the best practitioners in CGI rendering and animation.


Pictures make or break all the work before it. Don’t trash your brand by compromising on professional photography. Iphone selfies must be avoided.

With experience shooting for all types of clients we value collaborative relationships as they usually deliver best results. 

Video & Film

Video is everywhere but the best will always rise to the top and stand out.

An advantage of working with us to deliver all aspects of your project, is that we will be able to strategically control how all your assets are delivered, monitored, and maximised while always focused on story and brand.

Web Design

Web design is like the edit of a film where vision, pictures, content and strategy come together.

Google ranking counts for nothing if you have too much or not enough of the wrong kind of content. Killer design and understanding ‘less is more’ will make for a much more successful experience.


Research & Insight

This should probably be first on the list. More clients are justifying their business plans, marketing spends with bespoke market research that will give them the confidence that they are choosing the right direction.

Working with one of the best agencies in Manchester we can facilitate qualitative and quantitive research for you.

every building has a story.

Residential, commercial, small or large these examples of human endeavour, ingenuity and creativity need our team to help them stand out and be noticed. Especially noticed by the right people at a time when choice has never been so great.
From Our Clients
Our clients are busy people but nonetheless they have taken the time to share a few words on their experience working with us.

“Working with NUDGEPOINT Creative has been like having our own in house creative media team.

They have filmed and photographed our properties, designed the art installations for our Tribe Residence in Manchester City centre and their work has brought our development to life. Amazing!” 

Joy Rawlings

Director, Ancoats Residential Holdings

“It was immediately clear they understood how to manage our expectations. They understood our brief and interpreted it with stylish, modern and stunning design concepts, photography and a much admired property location video.

With two other projects in Manchester due soon, our greatest testimonial is perhaps out desire to work with the NudgePoint team again.”

Joice Au

Account Exec., Fulcrum Properties, UK & China

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