• With a small, talented, nimble core team, strong freelancers with bigger agency experience and strategic partnerships with creative agencies in Manchester, NUDGEPOINT Creative is well placed to bring the best of Manchester to bear for its clients quickly and often competitively.
  • The team thrive on projects of all kinds with a focus on property, hospitality and leisure. Especially so where briefs are not ‘an open and shut case’ but require shaping and challenging as this is when we get the freedom to dig deep and deliver. Watch our introduction to NUDGEPOINT Video below.

The Team

Daniel Killoran


Business strategist, storyteller, filmmaker and master networker. When all combined Daniel brings in the business, winning new clients by helping them realise their potential. His contributions go beyond the brief, often introducing new business ideas and relationships for his clients. A definite value add approach to his work.



Technical whizz, big picture thinker, detail obsessor and task driver. When all combined Mohamed brings projects in on time, on budget, on brand and with all the boxes ticked.
His work ethic puts others to shame and is often found figuring things out long after others give up. However he does support Manchester United.



Originator of ideas, left field thinker, illustrator and design guru. Shamil puts in the grunt work to kick start a project brief when the sheet of paper is still blank. Like a classic old car he needs time and space to ruminate until the creativity flows. A team member who is the perfect hand off to his peers.



Magic moment lover, shaper of light, composer of things and snapper supreme. As one of our team of photographers Lucy brings the talent to add to the skill anyone can be taught. The rest of the team get to work with the best photographs thus kick starting their creative juices helping them deliver their end of the job.

MARTIN Williams

COPYWRITTERThe wordsmith tinkerer, lyrical playmaker, scene setter and ultimate editor. Most successful property companies will use the best writer they can get their hands on and that is Martin. He understands that the key to spectacular success is the ability to express a project’s value proposition clearly. Otherwise it is ‘much ado about nothing.’



Detail fusser, customer carer, anecdote sharer and sage like advisor. With so many projects, meetings, client interactions and creative team members, Anne brings 30 years experience running a successful media studio to our dynamic team. A calming influence who still has her finger on the social media pulse. We are in safe hands.

Our Work


One Regent Apartments.


A smorgasbord of our best work.