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Maple Grove Developments (Eric Wright Group)
Hattersley has a growing residential community with a number of new build developments taking place. The increase in the local population needs to be catered to and with new road enhancements north of Manchester an ideally suited location was chosen for a new retail park.

Maple Grove Developments asked us to make the most of what is an area light on heritage and assets and come up with a look and feel that would appeal to the shopper and one in which a sense of luxury and aspiration would draw local residents.

We produced the brand and logo which dictated all that followed.

Abstract and emblematic logo with modern type face.
Design credit, NUDEGPOINT




























“From start to finish this project took weeks instead of months. All along we were happy that our tight time frames would not mean a compromise on the quality of the work NUDGEPOINT delivered. Throughout there were a few twists and turns as any project develops and it never felt like a problem as we were listened to and given advice to a successful conclusion.”